Bears In The Wild

Bears In The Wild

Bears in the Wild is for our more frisky and wanderlust members. We plan to explore Oahu on group hikes and expeditions.



Waimano Falls

Our May hike is on Sunday the 27th @ 10am


Time: 2-3 HOURS

Distance: 2.8 MILES

Elevation Gain: 500 FEET

Foot Traffic: MODERATE

Challenges: Muddy, Some steep and Slippery Descents

Sights: Waimano Valley, The Falls, Ko'olau Range, Waianae Range

What to Bring: Snack, Water, Swimsuit


Located in the center of Oahu near Pearl City, this gem has a lot to offer for such a short hike. It begins along the Manana Ridge Trail where you walk along a shaded path with some periodic lookouts of Manana Valley and Waimano Valley. The hike the heads downhill where you will tackle a steep and muddy descent to the floor of Waimano Valley. All that slipping and sliding will be worth it because at the end you will arrive at Waimano Falls, a multi-level waterfall with enough water for swimming and even cliff jumping. 

Ride share will meet at the Zoo parking lot across from Hulas at 9 am.

Contact Nate @ (808) 228-8185 to coordinate the ride share